Actually, of all of Scalzi's novels, I think Lock In would be the easiest to turn into a television series. It has all the trappings of a police procedural - including a pair of buddy cops/FBI agents - but set in a fully realized "near future" world. It's the type of show I would imagine seeing on NBC or CBS (and, in… » 9/16/14 6:23am Tuesday 6:23am

Honestly, I'm unsure how to feel about this - on the one hand, yay, more female superheroes on screen! On the other hand, to skip straight to Supergirl is...kind of strange. You have to introduce Superman as backstory and since they probably won't use the Henry Cavill-Superman, it adds an extra layer of strange. (And… » 9/03/14 11:33pm 9/03/14 11:33pm

It's because Captain America 3 and Guardians 2 all have directors on board. The director of Thor 2 decided not to stay on and make Thor 3, so they have to find a new director for Thor 3...which I'm not sure they have yet. Perhaps no one is interested? Or perhaps they are still looking? » 9/03/14 7:05am 9/03/14 7:05am

Moffat didn't write just the male parts on Coupling. He wrote all the parts. He didn't have a co-writer — he had a co-creator, Sue Vertue, his wife (the show was partially based on their courtship), but she didn't write the episodes. All episodes were written by him only. » 8/31/14 11:49pm 8/31/14 11:49pm

Joss Whedon and Shawnee Kilgore are making a six song EP

So you remember how after the first Avengers movie wrapped, Joss went and filmed Much Ado About Nothing at his house with his friends? Well, he's sort of doing the same thing now, except with songs instead: he's making a six song EP with musician Shawnee Kilgore. » 8/08/14 9:37pm 8/08/14 9:37pm